One of the most important things that Social media and the world of digital as we know it has done is secure a new list of opportunities and create employment where only a decade ago, there was none.

In today’s world, if you are armed with a smartphone and a laptop,  you could potentially make money from a window of opportunity as long as you’re able to find it. This is exactly what Nigeria’s most popular lifestyle vlogger did. She was able to garner a followership that sits at a combined total of nearly 200k followers and over 133,000 subscribers on YouTube.

I sat down with Sisiyemmie to discuss a few tips for the entrepreneur who’s looking to go into this field of business. Most of her tips were equally applicable for the average entrepreneur, irrespective of their line of work.

Sisi Yemmie born Yemisi Odusanya grew up in Delta’s capital of Warri. She was born as a first child into a family of four siblings. Before the fame, Sisi Yemmie maintains that she was just a student leading a regular life. Initially, the renowned vlogger started out as a hobby. A means of sharing her lifestyle interests with the general public. She then took a break in 2014 when she got pregnant.

Marriage and pregnancy was no obstacle however as she in fact used this to her advantage. She was aware that she had a slew of young Nigerian Women who were also newly married or new to the family life who needed to watch something relatable. Her vlog has since garnered popularity for how well she has managed to insert family into the already successful platform.

  1. Be personable.

Sisi, although having studied abroad did not come back to Nigeria with a diluted mix of accents. No shade here but the Nigerian public love that she’s relatable and authentic. One of the most recurring comments you will find on both her social media and YouTube pages are ‘You keep it real’.  

  1. Small beginnings are not a bad thing.

“Sisi Yemmie started as GISTDOTCOM, a blog where I shared random stories about my experience and a garnished my articles with pidgin and humour…it stayed that way for a while until I rebranded it in 2014 I believe to become SISIYEMMIE because I believed GISTDOTCOM was limiting and did not describe the direction for the blog. I wanted it to be about everything I loved doing.”  She says.

2. Stay humble.

Humility for Sisi yemmie has been a watch word. From random meetings to events where she is approached, she will never turn you away. According to her, “Life teaches you to be humble, humility is value my parents instilled in me while raising me and I find it to be very alluring. I stay humble because it is simple, it is easier and it is more rewarding than “carrying shoulders up

3. A good support system and time management is key!

For any woman in business, it can get overwhelming keeping a home and running a business. She accrues her success to teamwork. “My husband is very involved with our son and the way our home runs, so he covers for when I am extremely busy and we manage to find a balance somehow. I also try to plan and keep to schedule as much as possible. “

4. De-stress.

“Occasionally I do get overwhelmed and to de-stress I take a step back from it all. Perhaps a week away from blogging/vlogging. It is necessary. As a content creator, your brain can get clogged up, so taking a break is a great way to refresh.”

5. Ensure you have guiding principles that dictate your work/business.

Sisi Yemmie’s are: Faith, Consistency and handwork.


It’s interesting to note that Sisi Yemmie had a dream, however, she is just as spellbound att how far she has come. A great deal of consistency and hardwork brought her this fa. These are two principles that should be pillars of any business or career path yopu embark upon.

“I dreamed about it, I had faith but could not really understand how it was going to happen or how far I could go in the blogging industry.”


Although a lot of her work is centred on Social media, Sisi is quick to mention how much she filters what comes her way.  

“We get bombarded will all sorts of news lately and mostly of doom. I filter what comes through my social media pages and surround myself with light and positivity!”


To round up, we asked her three key questions.

What would you like to be remembered for?

The value that I added to my community, both online and offline.

What’s your biggest fear? How do you deal with it?

Poverty is a big fear for me and I deal with it by working hard and praying. Praying calms my anxieties and working hard ensures I am doing my part to ensure I live in abundance.

In 5 years, Sisi Yemmie will be…

Evolving. I continuously have to restructure, change ideas, and start something new.



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