The Microsoft founder, Bill Gates who is also well known for this philanthropy has invested millions of dollars in startups in the silicon valley. His philanthropic contributions to health, education, and anti-poverty organizations through the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation are also indications of his interest in humanity, economy and making an impact.

Silicon Valley, in the southern San Francisco Bay Area of California, is home to many start-ups and global technology companies. Apple, Facebook and Google are among the most prominent. It’s also the site of technology-focused institutions centred around Palo Alto’s Stanford University, the Computer History Museum and NASA’s Ames Research Center.

Here are the six startups:


Impossible Foods

a startup producing plant-based “meat.” The meat-like flavour largely comes from an ingredient called heme, which allows the Impossible Burger to “bleed” like a beef burger. Impossible Foods has raised an estimated $387.5 million to date, with Bill Gates participating in three funding rounds that totalled $208 million from 2013 to 2017. The engineer plant-based “meat”  tastes just like the real thing. received $30 million from Gates and others. The company has raised $83 million to date. is a popular site where people can start petitions for specific causes. Current US-based petitions include one to strengthen gun laws and one supporting farm workers’ rights.




 Grail is a life sciences company working to develop technology that could spot cancer before it’s incurable. Grail says on its site that it believes a special type of blood screen could be the key. It was funded in 2016 by its former parent company (the gene-sequencing giant Illumina) and a group of high-profile investors including Gates, Jeff Bezos, and Google Ventures.


Memphis Meats

Memphis Meats has a similar goal to Impossible Foods, but it’s aiming to achieve it in a different way. Instead of relying on plant-based ingredients, the company is working to cultivate meat from animal cells in a lab. So far, Memphis Meats has made lab-grown chicken strips, lab-grown meatballs, and lab-grown duck. In 2017, Gates participated in a $17 million Series A funding round.



The startup is focused on producing ultra-efficient generators that supply power for companies, buildings, and microgrids. Founded in 2010, the company has raised $133 million to date. Bill Gates and others invested $83 million in a Series C funding round in early 2018.



The electricity startup creates products that help citywide electric grid systems work more efficiently. The startup claims that its devices can help utility operators reduce wasted voltage, manage peak power demands, and avoid overloading circuits. Gates participated in two separate funding rounds in 2014 and 2015. To date, the company has attracted $41.9 million in venture capital.



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