‘Just do it’ and ‘Think Different’ have remained slogans that spring their brand names when they are mentioned. Nike and Apple have faired awesomely well in achieving this. However, Sometimes the hardest part of building your own business can also be the fun, creative part. Because a company slogan is one of the first forms of communication with your target audience,  it should sum up what your business promises to deliver, while being simple, catchy, and easy to remember.
These are just three examples of how creating a memorable slogan can help your company get — and stay — in the minds of your consumer. So, how do you come up with this type of campaign?
One option is to get some of your company’s best talent together and see what slogans you can come up with. Have everyone submit one or two ideas and talk them out. See if any jump out at you and, if not, use them to inspire you to come up with even more possible ideas.
Another alternative is using a slogan generator. This enables you to come up with a simple, memorable slogan using keywords related to your brand. Just go through the list and of results and see which ones stand out. You could even pick your top two or three and let your social media followers vote as to which one you should select.
If you find yourself at a dead end and unable to come up with a memorable slogan, or if you lack the creativity or the time, you can also hire a marketing firm to help. Give them a little insight into your company and see what slogans they create. It may cost you some money to take this route but, as companies like Nike and Apple have taught us, a good slogan can really propel your brand.

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