Sneaking sounds creepy but the fact is the moment the thought of sneaking comes to your head, you have already figured out that you will get away with it. So, you will be confident about it and you go a tip-toe at a time. Storytelling is one of the most sneaky yet effective marketing strategy you would ever think of. It uses its psychological effect to embed your message into the hearts of your proposed clients and customers in the most sub-conscious way.

The myth about storytelling is that it is an expensive tool to employ but that is a big fat lie. Prior to the use of blogs and video camera, I may have agreed but now, all the way to storytelling – social media goes for you. You might choose to tell your brand’s story with text or video but I will advise that pictures and videos are more compelling. If you don’t own a camera and you are just starting out or can’t afford the services of a professional videographer, a mobile phone with high-resolution imaging can come handy.

A visual image in the hand of an artist is merely a tool to trigger a mental image.

-Roy H. Williams

Before you begin, note the outcome that you want your clients to know about. Let your message showcase who you are and what you do in a thought-provoking and compelling way. Do not commit the worst sin of storytelling – Never leave them without a lesson to be learnt. Be consistent so as not to get them confused. Use the same colours, logo, and slogan for digital and print marketing materials.

Tell the story of how you started your business with sharp visuals, consider developing a list of 3-7 customers or clients who’ve gotten particularly good results from working with you. These should be people you’ve almost become friends with – customers who are happy and probably willing to help you out – Share their stories.

Another good way to market your brand is by sharing the stories of your working culture. “People do business with people.” Using the stories of how you do business to show your company culture is a super smart too.

What other storytelling strategies have worked for you? Talk to us in the comment section.


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