Oluwatosin ‘Olori Supergal’ Ajibade is one of the most respected and credible voices in new media today. Early on, she recognized the power of social media in information dissemination and the shaping of narratives. This understanding led her to organize the annual New Media Conference, which brings together the most forward-thinking practitioners with a view to expanding the frontiers of new media practice in Africa.

With a combined social media following of over 500,000 people, we spoke to her about utilizing social media for the success of your brand.

She dished out 5 keys to creating content for a growing audience, these were some of the pointers she discussed:

  1. Be Consistent

“Consistency is key. Our posts a day are a minimum of 20 per day as we’re a commercial brand that propagates messaging around pop-culture within Nigeria and across the globe.” Ajibade stated. It is important for any business looking to have staying power, increase engagement and followership to ensure that they’re able to stay consistent and work according to a calendar. Working according to a calendar helps to keep track of posts and ensure that you’re regularly posting, she adds.

   2. Content is still King

A lot of brands aren’t sure what they are and so it appears that they’re messaging can look a little disjointed. The work begins outside of social media. Before opening a page and actively publishing posts, ensure you’re aware of what you’d like to say first before anything else. Once you’ve decided on what thing is-you’ve made a decision on your content. Content, like they say, is king!

   3. Giveaways are always a good idea

People love freebies, especially on this side of Africa. If you’re giving away something in money or in kind, this increases followership, but, a good tip for engagement would be to ensure that your giveaways are in line with your brand’s ethos or further driving the nature of your brand into the minds of followers and potential followers. For example, if you’re a clothing brand, opting to do a giveaway for an outfit will remind your consumers that you’re in the business of selling clothes.

    4. Be about your business 

The temptation to do what other brands are doing in their businesses on social media will be present but you need to resist the urge as much as you can. Tailor your message to your own audience provided that you have carved your niche in the space you are operating within. So it is equally important that you do this.

   5. Show results

“I like to share a screenshot showing the thumbnails of all the participants after my Instagram live. That’s an example”. Tosin admits that this has gotten more people to participate. The same concept applies to reposting photos of customers wearing the products they’ve purchased from you or encouraging your clients to share their unique experience of your service online.

Re-posting this content on your social media pages is more effective than any forced-advertising. You are letting actual customers do the selling and convincing for you and that is so key.


Tosin Ajibade preps for her upcoming book launch where she delves into more detail on becoming a leading digital marketer. The book may be purchased here


What are some tips you’ve been able to utilise in selling your brand on Social media?

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