Having heard of foreign exchange and stock exchange. You will be stunned to hear about ‘Sun Exchange.’ It is a startup that is presently creating a marketplace where you can purchase and then lease solar cells to power businesses and communities in the sunniest locations on earth. Their client target includes businesses, hospitals, schools and other organisations in developing countries.

Sun Exchange based in Capetown, South Africa receive rental payments for the solar panels in either conventional currency or Bitcoin. Uncertainties around cryptocurrency regulation present their biggest potential challenge. However, their model so clearly demonstrates the good and positive benefits to African economies, that it should be held up as an example of why crypto should be supported.

The startup with novelle business sense has also suffered some challenges as its founders reveal “Initially we were outsourcing tech development. This turned out to be very expensive and wasn’t building in-house expertise. We ended up teaming up with the company that we were outsourcing to, so it ultimately ended well.”

I am passionate about working with rural communities that don’t have access to electricity, especially low-income areas that would otherwise never experience reliable energy. For these projects, I have rolled out solar PV systems, solar street lights, solar home systems and solar-powered containerized solutions.

This is a clear pointer that the market is big enough to absorb everyone as long as you are solving a challenge.

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