Tania could have been just like any other tailor, taking measuring and fitting her clients till she had her light moment.
“On a day-to-day basis, whilst running Suitsupply in Johannesburg, I was exposed to a wide range of experienced, successful entrepreneurs and as I was fitting them for their suits they were providing me with valuable stories and tips. I felt guilty hearing them alone. And I felt ‘why just me?’, I’m not the only one who can benefit from hearing these incredible lessons and there came the idea to turn these ‘conversations’ into a show,” she reveals.
Tania Habimana is a 27-year-old Rwandan entrepreneur. She is a tailor and host of Tailored Business, a show she has created to share business insights on tailoring, entrepreneurship and business. She interviews business leaders across the continent while she fits them for a suit.

She learned to tailor suits as she was studying business in Milan, Italy. At the same time, she started working for Suitsupply, a Dutch suit brand. At the age of 23, she was responsible for the company’s expansion to Africa.

“I have seen guys coming. I wouldn’t lend them any money. But after I put them in a suit. You can have my house, my money. I trust you, suits have a huge importance. A suit gives confidence.”

Starting from zero, she set up an online business delivering suits across Africa within 3 days. Two years later, she set up the brand’s first brick-and-mortar store in South Africa. This first entrepreneurial experience taught her about the continent’s opportunities. But it also opened her eyes to the many problems that still need to be solved.

“I jumped into it with the pink coloured glasses of the Africa rising narrative.”

When Suitsupply’s operations in Africa stopped, Tania decided to start her own business. She decided to combine her entrepreneurial DNA, her passion for storytelling, and her experience in the suit business. That’s how she came up with the concept of a TV show following her as she sets up her tailoring business.

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