Despite the take over of instant messaging platforms, emails still seem to be relevant due to the need to express formality during a business interaction. Suffice me to say that emails have taken a strong stance even after traditional writing has become obsolete.

Emails are simply interaction in text format and for you to be taken seriously, you will need to convey your message with precision and clarity.


Push the recipient to click on your mail

Ensure to use email subjects that convey clarity of your intended message. Busy people are picky about reading and sending mails with confusing subjects only makes yours prone to be in competition with the hundreds of emails clogging their inbox.


You can’t  afford to use casual salutation

Typing “Hey” as a salutation can appear harmless but could make you look unserious. Using the person’s name or title happens to be more appropriate.


Proofreading is essential

No matter how hurriedly you typed the mail, always proofread it to avert sending out grammatical errors and mistake that you could have easily avoided. Check for misspelt words too before sending out your mail.


Always end your mail with a signature

Every email should include a signature that tells the recipient who you are and how to contact you. Set it up to automatically appear at the end of each email. Include all of your contact details so the recipient doesn’t have to look up your address, email or phone number.


Habitually send out a timely reply

Give a timely and polite reply to each legitimate email addressed to you. Even if you do not have an answer at the moment, take a second to write a response letting the sender know you received their email. Inform the sender if their email was sent to the wrong recipient, too.


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