Six billion hours of video are watched on YouTube every month, 92 per cent of mobile viewers share videos with others, and internet video traffic will account for a staggering 69 per cent of all global consumer internet traffic in 2017.

It obviously spells out that the next gold mine lies in blogging.

Set out a strategy 

Why do you want to vlog? How do you plan on doing it and who is your audience? Your vlogging escapades should all be governed by an overarching content strategy.

Prop your camera 

To shoot a better video, you can make use of a tripod or a book to elevate the camera to the right height. Do not forget to zoom in if necessary. You can also record your video with a webcam.

Be transparent 

Authenticity is a sure way to gain the trust and respect of your viewers. It is a simple concept, but so many vloggers find it difficult to adopt.

Videos behind the scenes are one way to offer this to your audience.

Choose a video editing tool according to your needs

After shooting your video, you may need to do some editing jobs to make it better. Choose the right video editing tool for you and add several video effects, titles, and subtitles, compress video size, change the playback speed or adjust the length of video. Video editing tools you could use are Adobe, iMovie, Windows movie Maker or iWondershare.

You need platform 

When your video is ready, it is time to post it online. You do not even have to own a website or blog to post your video. Most vloggers choose to post on video sharing sites, such as YouTube or Vimeo. The content can easily be embedded and shared on websites, in blog posts or on social media.

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