You cannot always choose the cards you are dealt with every day as you get involved in your business activity but you can choose how you move your hands. Saying ‘Yes’ to decisions does not make you weak neither does saying ‘No’ make you a difficult person. Your business does not absorb money only but you also. So, decision making is an essential part of the entrepreneur’s life because you are always going to be caught in the web of making decisions.

It is quite easy to give a response to just about anything but before you respond to the new proposal, new applicant, new partnership, new policy formulation, you need to weigh the even and the odds.

You want to be successful but business is not a cut-throat thing, when you find yourself stuck with things that don’t clearly contribute to your goals, unnecessary meetings that suck up your time, requests that conflict with your values, unrealistic deadlines on low-priority projects, you can choose to say ‘No.’

However, you should say a big ‘Yes’ to things that will elevate your brand, business development and growth in a healthy way.

More importantly, Learn to ask “how?” when situations come up that you can’t decide on right away. Shift  your perspective from one of saying yes to every suggestion, to a perspective of asking, “How could we get it done?” If the responses you are getting are not aligned with your core values and unwilling to explore “The how?” that is when you need to stick to ‘No’.

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