Yes, you read that right! ‘The spiritual side of business’ and don’t get me wrong  I am not talking about your personal spirituality. Most of the time we are focused on bagging exclusive deals, reaching an annual turnover of billions, getting multiple partnerships and making lots of money that we begin to lose touch with this part forgetting that every thriving business needs to be in tune with its spirituality.
Just like Jerry Greenfield said ‘there is a spiritual aspect to business, just as there is to lives of individuals. You receive, you help others and you are helped in return.’ Over time, it has been noticed that most business owners do not openly talk about the spiritual side of the business just like the society talks spirituality, rather, they elect to use terminology and principles that are similar to spiritual principles when discussing.
So what exactly is spirituality in business? It is the collection of values, purpose, impact, and meaning that emerges from an organization/business and when taken collectively forms a single entity. It not about getting to work and organising breakfast prayer meetings or compelling workers to fast, it is more of an individual thing that reflects in the lives of your employees and business as a whole.
When your business is in tune with its spiritual side you will find out that your employees have a clearer realisation of who they are, they are less likely to think that they are victims. People tend to treat each experience as an opportunity for personal growth and when they get angry with each other, they are more able to work with those situations in constructive ways.
How then can you infuse spirituality into your business?

  • Create a shared vision.
  • Maintain a high level of individual and organizational integrity. Keep agreements.
  • Create an organizational culture that values service, excellence, dedication, contact with the customer, and action over personal advancement and personal gain.
  • Create cooperation, communication, and community.
  • Create a supportive environment for the individual.
  • Create an organizational culture that supports personal growth.
  • Let your values guide decision-making
  • Have a moral compass
  • Nurture those around you
  • Encourage creativity, intuitive thinking and insightfulness
  • Value truth, goodness, compassion, expression in work environment and love
  • Have goals for your employees and not sales goals or performance goals

The truth is spirituality in business if actually practised can increase fun, productivity and resilience but overall, don’t value money over truth, goodness, compassion, creativity and service.
Which of these points will you incorporate into your business? Let us know in the comment section.

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