While promoting and encouraging financial freedom Brandon Medford, Dave Obaseki, and Eric Whitehead all under the ages of thirty, have succeeded in growing their automotive company, PTG365 into a million dollar company just within the space of one year.
PTG365 an automotive dealership that specializes in leasing, financing, credit repair, accidents and insurance, luxury car rentals as well as helping low-income families get their dream cars has its headquarters in New York but within the space of one year, have successfully expanded to Los Angeles, Florida and Atlanta.
With an extensive background in the automotive industry, the trio admits that running a business is not easy but they have successfully overcome various challenges by trusting each other, supporting each other and by focusing on the goal of the business which is providing quality services at affordable rates. They also believe in the power of education and social media to grow a successful company.
For aspiring business owners, the bosses had three tips.

Partnership, hard work and also a dedication because if you want to conquer,  you can’t do it by yourself, Medford said.
Never burn a bridge ever because professionalism is key, Obaseki added. You’re your company, and the way you’re viewed will reflect on your company.

In the next three to five years, Whitehead predicts PTG365 will build a strong presence in inner cities.

I see PTG365  having multiple offices throughout the United States — not just taking care of automobiles, but helping children grow, Whitehead said.

Their most notable clients include Rich The Kid, Isaiah Whitehead (Brooklyn Nets), DJ Spinking & Sean Kilpatrick Jr. (Chicago Bulls). With the hope of diversifying, Obaseki mentions that PTG365’s business portfolio may expand to include a body shop, restaurant, and real estate.

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