Have you ever thought of networking with some of the top business moguls in the field of business that interests you? Your mind could be whispering some of the five-star restaurants to you or somewhere you might never get a pass into which does little to change the fact that you are bent on meeting with them.  How then do you make it past protocol?

I’ve gathered a few affordable and unexpected places where you could potentially meet your business mentors. Have a read below:


Bumping into Aliko Dangote, Folorunsho Alakija or Bill Gates sounds exciting. At conferences, there’s a high probability that you could meet your business mentors and people you rever in the most casual ways; over a cup of tea or during the lunch break. Because they’ve let their guard down, chances are that you’ll even be able to get more out of them here than say at a formal meeting.

Conferences are useful for a variety of reasons—staying abreast in your field, learning about new technologies and conceiving of potential new business opportunities.

They’re also ripe ground for your mentor search. Workshop and seminar leaders, in particular, are usually well-experienced in their fields, and approaching them after a session, trading business cards and arranging for coffee or a drink later is no bad idea at all.

Startup, Incubators and Accelerator events 

In all its beauty, one man can’t afford to live in Hawaii alone. There are high chances that you will be meeting your business mentor as a facilitator or guest at an accelerator, incubator or startup event. Founders are like mother hens. They love to helping smart and new entrepreneurs who are new to the game. A proper introduction, sharing value and showing your eagerness to learn might be all you need to hit off a great relationship.

Social Media 

Direct messages on social media have to be the most underrated tool ever. For your mentor of interest to respond to the sight of your “Hi” in their inbox is not impossible. If you are hungry, show how hungry you can be. Linkedin, Twitter and Instagram are great for reaching out to mentors. Having a great and updated Linkedin profile affords you the privilege of being taken seriously by proposed mentors. Twitter and Instagram are not left out either.  Social media is a tool, use it to find out experienced entrepreneurs in your line of business. Make a list of them and reach out with personalised, comprehensible and compelling messages. Build a relationship and ask a lot of questions.

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