When you first read that title, you may have been a bit skeptical. I mean seriously, “who can make that much money so quickly?”. Trust me, the process of making the money did not come overnight or even in just those 4 weeks. There were a series of things that had to happen prior to the launch of my coaching business.
I had suffered from major heartbreak.
I had hard financial challenges.
I had worked at a job I absolutely hated.
I went to counseling for months to get my life together.
I had to change from the inside out because my life didn’t look like what I had dreamed of.
I was tired of being in the same place.
I was ready to become more to earn more for what I truly had to offer the world.
So many people come up with great ideas in business, but they don’t take the time to focus on themselves. Your business is a total reflection of you. Who you are on the inside will determine the success of your business for the long term.
If you are just reading this article to make quick money, you’ll probably come close to getting it using the tips I am going to give you, but it won’t last if you don’t keep the maintenance of your inner self at a high priority.
In these 4 tips to show you how to go from $0K – $10K in 4 weeks, you’ll find that the way to acquire the wealth is less about strategy, but more about YOU.
Be Valuable
Your value in your business is all about what you can truly serve to others. It’s about the content and quality you deliver to solve people’s problems in this world. If your business is solely about the money, then it will not flourish as quickly, or even at all. Money is an exchange of the service you give. What you put out will come back to you in increasing measures. Because my intentions were genuine, my ideal clients came to me out of thin air, literally. The insight I had on mindset and business strategies enlightened the people who now work with me to meet that $10K goal. Honestly, I didn’t charge for every single thing to get to that amount. I gave AMAZING content to my audience to show them I knew my stuff and that I could really help them. I am an expert in my field. That’s exactly what your audience needs from you. They need to see that you went through a lot to get to where you are, and that includes investing in yourself over and over again.
Be Vulnerable
We sometimes think that to run businesses that we should be closed off about our struggles. We should walk around pretending that everything is absolutely perfect. Some of the top businesses in the world share when something is wrong, so that their audience will know that they are human. If you’re just launching a business, be real with your tribe. Let them know your truth. Show them your past and how you overcame it. They will see that you can help them with that same struggle you endured. They will come to trust you at a higher level, than if you pretend to be untouchable from life’s problems.
Be Visible
Show up for your audience as much as possible. Hop on the live stream videos sharing your best tips. Post the images with captions that inspire them. Be consistent to demonstrate that you can be counted on. If you do live streams 5 times a week, and then stop after two weeks, your tribe won’t know if they can fully count on you. They won’t know if your business still exists.
Be You 
Your business is YOUr business, not anyone else’s. So that means you don’t have to follow the rules of someone else. I was nervous to launch my coaching business at first because I didn’t have my website together. I didn’t have a Facebook Group. I didn’t run any Facebook Ads. Oh please! If I had listened to what everyone else said, then I would not be writing this article telling you these sales and marketing strategies. Do what feels right for YOU. The people who you are meant to serve will appreciate your authenticity.

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