With the fast pace of technological advancement, it is tempting to dismiss traditional marketing but in order to stay relevant and ahead of the curve, marketing teams need to manage new and increasingly complex marketing processes. With so much technical progress in the last decade, it can be easy to overlook one very important thing: the power of old school, traditional marketing efforts and the reasons they worked so well.

Hacking is the biggest “easier said than done” of all time. Just because something is a “hack” doesn’t make it any easier, simpler, or worry-free but if you put this to work appropriately you are like to get effective result.

More often than not. The entrepreneur of a young startup is a combo of an administrative staff, accountant, sales representative, marketer and even a social media manager. You are practically everything because your business is young and you might not start paying salaries soon. The only person who has a clear picture of what your business idea is you, so pending till you employ the use of a marketer, you need to learn hacks that will enable you to make your products and services marketable and appealing to your proposed clients.

Don’t lower your requests for the fear of them not being granted rather shoot for the moon and even if you don’t hit the moon, you will have the stars beaming their smiles at you. No matter how influential you might be, you need to understand that people don’t like being coerced. Influence won’t always get you past the door. Make the idea you are proposing to them, their idea and ensure to be on a common ground with them.

Set the bar high for an individual, and they will strive to meet it. Sound as confident as possible.





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