Your business is likened to the Titanic Ship and the fastest way to get that ship sinking is by having the wrong set of sailors onboard. Having a great team shortens the distance of your business to the pinnacle of success.
Do they need to be white, black, short or tall? That is absolutely unnecessary.  Find out traits you need to see in them before you hand out that appointment letter:
Culture Fit
You know your business visions and goals? Do they fit in? Can they run along with you towards making those visions real?
Customer Service Driven
Ensure to have employees that have the best interest of your clients or customers at heart. If you can cultivate a company culture of selfless customer service, your customers will appreciate you and your company will have no limits on what it can achieve.
Look for someone who is open and excited to learn and grow, as opposed to someone who comes in thinking they already know everything.
Listening Skills
This is an often overlooked skill, but an important one when dealing with clients, co-workers and other stakeholders. Good listeners are relationship builders. If someone tends to interrupt or talk over others in an interview situation, they will probably do the same thing with your customers.
There is a no limitation to the heights a hungry or thirsty individual can attain. Employees who showcase ambitiousness and excellent attitude to tasks cannot be taken for granted.
Babysitting is a hard task. You don’t want to have to spell out almost every task to be executed. Picking candidates that are capable to work with little or no supervision will do you a lot of good.

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