I remember reading Kiyosaki’s “Rich Dad, Poor Dad,” and feeling like the smartest entrepreneur alive. This is due to the fact that I really believed I had just unlocked the key to the entrepreneurship model that was going to be life-changing.

Being a successful entrepreneur does not really require that you work harder, instead, it requires that you become a smart worker.

If owning your entrepreneurship game is important to you then you must work with these pointers:

1. There is a huge difference between being work-driven and being goal-driven. Everyone can work but being goal driven helps you set a target alongside a timeline which helps you achieve realistic and timely goals.

2. Just like it is the duty of a soldier to protect his country, so it is your obligation to succeed against all odds.

3. Almost every Tom, Dick and Harry earns an income. So humans, irrespective of if they are employees or entrepreneurs are income driven. However what sets a successful entrepreneur apart is being net-worth driven. Endeavour to pay your debts and cut off your excess expenditure. Your net worth says so many things about you and it is the ultimate way to gauge your own financial success.

4. What makes an entrepreneur tick is his quest to proffer solution to problems and maximise profit. Understand that people tend to be worried about parting with money as long as they are getting the desired services and products.

5. If you ever bought the idea that stacking your coins in a  piggy bank was the right way to grow your money then you have been buying nothing but fat lies. Saving is the noble thing to do, but if you sincerely desire to grow your money, the king you should be paying obeisance to is Investment. Ensure to go for investment opportunities with low risk and capital especially if you are running a start-up.

6. Don’t dare be ignorant. Read, study and observe business ideas and trends. Be open to embrace change.

7. Good things don’t quite come easy. Don’t expect your entrepreneurial journey to be like a flash in a pan, it takes time and effort to build empires that are self-sustaining.

8. If you desire to think productively, think long-term.

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