So you are the smart guy or young woman who takes pictures or selfies in the most incredible angles and they turn out to look amazing and unique. everyone knows that only you can pictures like you do. How about you convert that talent into a money making venture? Your eyebrows curve in an arc, portraying how you feel you can’t do this, simply because you have never been to a photography school. You can start even from your home.

So here is how to start a photography business despite the ‘no experience’ tag on your shirt:

Business plan

I am not saying you need a large document to sho for your business plan but it will be wise that before you make a headstart, you have a direction. It could be a simple documentation of business goals, objectives, variables such as equipment you would need when you start your own studio. Include expenditure that will cater for operation logistics.

Go with Net, Go Social 

Photography is no longer business as usual. If you are looking at attracting a large clientele then you should have a professional website where you showcase your best shots. Employ the use of social media especially Instagram and the use of tags to reach out to clients that will beat even your wildest imagination. make it as sleek as possible, have it reflect your business goals and display your contact details.

Be patient 

The fast and furious pattern does not work well with photography. You will need to be a lot more patient when handling clients. There will be times when you would feel like you are not getting it right, all you need to do is evaluate yourself, get back to the strategy table and bounce back stronger. Patience will help you get the perfect shots and of course the perfect angles.

Update your knowledge 

Photography may not be in the health sector but it is super dynamic and ever-evolving. Keep yourself updated with trends in the industry and harness your creativity. Be in the know of events happening around you. You cannot take the photography out of a photographer, but you can take the photography out of a business owner.  You cannot under any circumstances accept mediocrity as an entrepreneur.



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