Most of the ideas and inventions we have presently were the most incredible ideas at first. People want conventional people. Being off their expectations make people feel a little uncomfortable but the fact is that the more your ideas do not scare you then they may not be big enough. So, it’s alright to push those ideas you have hid behind closed doors to the limelight.
You need to get used to kicking off ideas that give you strong convictions, learn to be productive and confident because entrepreneurs are in no way, perfect people.

Believing in the impossible puts you at the starting line of making the impossible not only possible but also a reality. Believing in the impossible enables you to explore it, see a problem, and envision a solution that others have never dreamed of. And, once you’ve envisioned a solution, you can begin to work on making that vision a reality.
Try to talk to experienced and optimistic confidants about the idea. Stay open-minded because it is essential to idea validation. Believe it or not, some of the world’s most successful businesses started out simply as side hustle ideas or a sketch of what that business is today.
So, give that idea your best shot. Remember, it is better to try and learn lessons than living with the regret that you should have given it a shot.
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