I  am not good with flatter. It explains why I say things the way if feel it is most times or rather not make a comment about it all. I had looked at the prospects of a friends’ business and said to him, I think you might be global brand soon. He had tried to shy away from it and play the ‘humility card.’ Success is not meant for dreamers but it is meant for dreamers who are ready to take action.

One of my favourite mind games is the ‘What if.” So, let’s play! What if I think your fashion business is the next Fendi? What if I don’t see any difference form your startup and the young Fendi brand of 1925.

What you didn’t know about the brand Fendi:

It was started in 1925 in Rome, Italy by a husband and wife. It pitched its niche on creating faux fur, leather goods and purse but proceeded to add women’s wear, children’s clothes and men’s wear to their production itinerary. It was the first handbag and fur store in Via Del Plebscito, Rome. Even if you are a greenhorn in your line of business, you need. not fret about it.

Fendi’s first ready to wear collection featured a dress for every day of the year. Look out for solutions to your client’s challenges and they will stick to you like bees stick to a jar of honey.

It was a family business started by a couple, Adele and Edoardo Fendi who later incorporated their five daughters into it. Family partnership does not seem to be a bad thing at all.

They have super innovation schemes up their sleeves by staging a runway show on the Great Wall of China. Spin your innovation finger and bring magic into your business. This luxurious fashion house has advanced from a small fur shop to a global brand producing creative and aesthetically beautiful fashion wears and accessories.

What steps have you taken to advance your business? Talk to us in the comment section. 

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