One of the most embarrassing thing that could happen to you is meeting new people and being tongue-tied to introduce yourself to them. It does not give a good impression of your personality and the same thing applies to your business. When people get to know you are an entrepreneur,  the first thing that comes to their mind is what do you have to offer.

Every business needs a profile as it progresses. It helps to give customers, sponsors, investors and partners an idea of what you do and you have to offer. The company profile acts like an informative dossier that highlights what the business stands for and what serves as a roadmap for growth. It needs to be created from a reader’s perspective and must be tailor-made for the target audience.

However before you put up a profile, this is what you should be considering:

Start With What You Do for Others

A company profile is just like other kinds of business writing. If you want it to get attention, lead with what’s in it for others when they do business with you. Think back to your company’s one sentence branding statement.

Do you have a value statement? Input it! State who your clients or customers are

What does anyone who comes in contact with your business stand to gain? As soon as you have your reader acquainted and engaged, it’s time to delve into how you do it. Keep it in mind that decision-makers look for values that resonate with them.

Who are your clients and what have you done for them?

These methods can give you a sense of scope even if you don’t have a big name endorsement. Ensure to answer questions like; How many people have all your offerings helped? What percentage of customers are repeat customers? What feeling or role is the offering associated with?

Everyone loves success stories, feed them your business testimonials!


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